WBlogoWater Books was started by author Nicole Seitz, editor of When You Pass Through Waters: Words of Hope and Healing from Your Favorite Authors. All proceeds benefit water disaster relief. For more information, contact Nicole@nicoleseitz.com.

Behind the Book

Seitz' brother-in-law's neighborhood flood was front page news.

Seitz’ brother-in-law’s neighborhood flood was front page news.

October 2015 brought a super blood moon, extreme high tides, record amounts of rain, and a thousand year flood to much of South Carolina. Author Nicole Seitz’ home was spared in Mount Pleasant, but her brother-in-law, just 40 minutes away in Summerville, was not as fortunate. The creek overflowed and entered his home, filling it with two feet of water. Nearly everything was lost, and the family of four was displaced. They moved in with parents while the damage could be assessed and the home rebuilt. The widespread flood damage became personal to Seitz, and she wanted a way to help. She called on author friends—novelists, poets, journalists—and they responded in record time. One month later, When You Pass Through Waters was created. The anthology is inspiring and thought-provoking as the 18 beloved and bestselling authors share their water-related memories, fears, and wisdom. The cover artwork was done by Nicole Seitz, who is also an artist, illustrator, and art teacher.

Table of Contents
The River and the Tree of Life by Nicole Seitz
Lessons from a River by Lisa Wingate
Mama Pine by Signe Pike
Terra Firma by Karen White
River Song by Marjory Wentworth
Wading Through Troubled Waters by Jolina Petersheim
A Letter to my Sister by Signe Pike
Gather at the River by Michael Bassett
A Boy in the Tallapoosa with Floodwaters Rising by Fred Bassett
Connemara, Ireland by Signe Pike
Rain, an excerpt from Moonrise by Cassandra King
Swept Away by Batt Humphreys
On All Sides Water by Marjory Wentworth
Sugar Water by Nicole Seitz
My Favorite Thing by Bret Lott
What Are We, If Not Water? And If Not Water, What Are We? by Julie Cantrell
The Anchor Holds by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Come the Water by Dorothy McFalls
The Longest Night by Dianne Miley
The Best Natural Disaster Ever by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Invitation of Love by Denise Hildreth Jones
Once by Eva Marie Everson


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