When You Pass Through Waters Reviews

WYPTW_coverFinalprint“a great read for a great cause”
~Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction

“…filled with many memorable stories and poems…I thoroughly enjoyed reading…”
~ Jackie K. Cooper, author/reviewer, jackiekcooper.com

“A meditation on water, an anthology of heartfelt poetry and prose such as only a group of southerners could create, and a gesture of love and respect for people in need.”
~ Lady Banks’ Commonplace Book, Authors ‘Round the South

“…brims with true reflections of humanity–of our relationships to water and to God, of loss and life and the funny way God has of often using the former to pour out the latter. Though the incredible contributor list (including Lisa Wingate, Sarah Loudin Thomas, Karen White, Nicole Seitz, and many others) initially piqued my interest, it’s the beauty of the collected thoughts in this little book that will earn it future rereads.”
~ Brandy Heineman, author of Whispers in the Branches


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